Jobs In Madison, Wisconsin. written by: DaviSharpe Madison, the capital of a state, endowed with lush greenery and beautiful scenery, trails Milwaukee by both size and population. Nonetheless, for most folks in the US, especially job seekers, Madison trumps Milwaukee when it comes career and employment opportunities. Which can be attributed to the fact the city represents the core of the Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area. With a population of 243,344 packed neatly in 94sq.Miles, ( as of 2013), it’s apparent that Madison- a city named after James Madison- is not too crowded, and neither is it sparsely populated. For the occasional tourist, businessperson, or that bank teller on his first job, this mid-sized city seems tailored for almost anything that doesn’t need rushing through.

Further, the foundation of the Wisconsin capital harks back to the days of the founding fathers in the early 1800s. Starting out as a village with less than 600 people, the otherwise sleepy Madison would then grow to host Wisconsin’s first university, almost 50 years later. Fast forward to 2015, and the small town from 1829 is now abuzz with a myriad of economic activities ranging from software development to food & beverage. Which clearly shows that there is no shortage of variety when it comes to the subject of Jobs in Madison.

Employment opportunities in Madison

From a general perspective, judging from the opportunities present in this city, the array of jobs in Madison seems a perfect intercrop of highly paying, lucrative white collar jobs and the minimum wage ones. As a prospective employee, how high you’ll rise in this city’s food chain is pegged on a number of factors, including your resilience and skill-set.

Therefore, if you’re well-versed in any of the fields below, then Madison and the great lakes region, in general, is a haven of opportunities waiting to be exploited.

There’s no denying that the demand for health professionals in Madison City is nothing short of staggering. From the University of Wisconsin Hospital to St. Marys Hospital in west Madison, and including the numerous private clinics that populate the city, doctors, nurses, dentists, etc, have an upper hand when it comes to job openings in this county.The same can also be said of orthopedics and multi-skeletal specialists who are quickly absorbed by expansive trauma clinics in the city such as VA medical center and Meriter Hospital.

According to a 2014 employment survey report, the largest employer body in Madison city is none other but the Wisconsin State Government. In fact, civil servants account for 55% of Madison’s labor pool.

In the eyes of IT gurus, Madison should be a basket load of exciting and quite lucrative and exciting career opportunities, thanks to Google and Microsoft, both of which have long since set up camps on this side of the country. Besides, Broadjam, one of US musical powerhouses, shared the same neighborhood with CDW and Full Compass Systems. And three combine to form an ideal platform for the young and budding technology enthusiast looking to build a successful career in computer and software engineering.

Graduates from one of the country’s most popular career fields are accommodated too in this Midwest American city. Which comes in the form of hundreds of vacant spaces for graduate trainees normally available at the beginning of every summer at the Contract Research Organization Covance in downtown Madison. The program accommodates young people with a background in statistics, research, marketing, and other related relevant studies.

Surprisingly, though, as you wouldn’t expect from a city set against the enchanting backdrop of the shores of Lake Monona, Madison still plays host to its fair share of America’s finest entrepreneurs and startup companies. In fact, Section67 is an area in Madison christened as hackerspace or marketspace due to a large number of tech startup firms in the locality. This includes Panvera and Promega, which have been quintessential in developing ideas from young, ambitious tech enthusiasts.

Madison, being an average tourist destination, relies on pristine, decent and affordable restaurants to keep her visitors coming back every summer. Thus, it also goes without saying that this offers employment openings for job seekers trained in hotel and catering related courses.

Finally, as much as this short guide is comprehensive, it is not entirely exhaustive. Other areas that constitute for jobs in Madison includes the banking sector, manufacturing industry, and biotechnology.


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