Jobs In Chicago, Illinois.

It’s without a doubt that Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US. To be a little more specific, it is the biggest in Midwest America and the 3rd most populous city in the country.

Besides, economic and financial analysts have time and again referred to Chicago’s economy as one of the most balanced in the United States.

Speaking of business, Chicago is the 4th most important business hub in the world, and the second in the country after New York.

Further, Chicago, which gained city status in 1837, was recently recognized as an Alpha Global City in 2012 by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.

Furthermore, around the same time, the local government official survey showed a 45% increase in the number and the quality of jobs in the city, following the famous Chicagoland industrialization trend experienced in the first decade of the new Millenium.

Therefore, as a job seeker, depending on your educational background and experience, landing a job in this sprawling metropolis shouldn’t be hard.

In fact, according to popular Chicago employment agencies, there has been a steady increase, over the years, in the number of job openings especially in the banking, engineering, health, hotel & catering and art industries.

Chicago employment opportunities – Jobs in Chicago

Chicago is America’s third largest labor pool, with approximately 4.48 million workers, ( as of 2014), Most of the jobs in Chicago emanate from the over 66 Fortune 500 companies and the 17 Financial Times enterprises that have set base in this Windy City. That said, here is a quick but detailed glimpse on some of the highly marketable fields in this world-class city.

Chicago is a leading financial center, and this is well amalgamated by the broad array of commercial enterprises that dot the city’s business district ( which, as a matter of fact, is the second largest in the States). The headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, for example, are situated a few blocks away from the Chicago Stock Exchange and flanked by the Chase Tower, which houses Chance Bank international headquarters. All these institutions are known to hire junior banking staff perennially, especially Chase Bank Chicago which has a fully fledged graduate management trainee program.

Chicago is home to the renowned and world-class aircraft maker Boeing. In fact, Boeing moved their base here from Seattle in 2001 in response to diversified, highly experienced, and well-trained labor force in this part of the country. Their headquarters are in the vicinity of United Airlines- America’s national carrier- which is known to hire thousands of new staff every year.

There’s no denying that there is no shortage of marketing firms in Chicago. In addition to that, the hundreds of startup and established businesses here are always looking for ambitious marketing strategists to sell their brand. Good examples include Sears, McDonalds, Marshall Field’s, Claire’s, etc. all which have major branches in Chicago.

From your high school history classes, you must have learned how Chicago started as a grain and beef port back in the 1800s. Well, a good chunk of this city’s economy is still supported by the beer and pork industry. Chicago meat companies, such as Armory and Company, are considered Global enterprises that are the driving force behind’s the city’s progress alongside the federal reserve dollars. The demand for food science specialists, biochemists, and other food-related professions has doubled over the past few decades thanks to the expansion of McDonalds and Kraft foods companies based here.

It’s hard to talk about Chicago without having to mention the hundreds of startup web companies that populate the city. These enterprises, including CareerBuilder, 37signals, Groupon, Feedburner and NowSecure are known to hire fresh college graduates, especially those who have majored in IT, computer engineering, and software development.

Chicago lawyers consider themselves the sole occupiers of the top legal echelons. And, therefore, it is not surprising that they are hundred of law firms all over the metropolis. Besides, the mere fact that the thousands of corporate bodies in the city are often involved in legal tussles makes practicing law in Chicago a very lucrative venture.


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