Of course, referrals can help you to find that perfect job.

Referrals are people that you know or people you are networking with. When you are referred to an employer, it means that you have found a job without even searching.

Some companies even have referral programs, in which they will give an employee some sort of incentive for anyone that they referred. So ask questions, ask your friends and associates to keep an eye out for job openings in your location and to refer you if any should pop up.

Furthermore, this is why you should try and network. Because through networking you can be referred.

As a matter of fact, research shows that some companies prefer referrals especially if it comes from one of their most valuable employees because it makes them feel more confident about employing you.

Ask people in your network group if you can send them a copy of your resume so that they have it in hand should in case they have to refer to you. This will also allow them to review your credentials before passing it on.

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