Using Google

The search for jobs is getting easier. Did you know that Google recently launched a job search feature that will allow you to search for jobs on its search result page? To use this feature, all you need to do is to write in the google search bar “jobs near me” and the result will show all the available jobs near you, as shown in the image.

But to be more specific, you can search for a job that interest you and the result will only show the jobs matching your query. For example, if you are seeking a job as a copy writer, you will write “copywriter jobs near me” and the result will show all the copy writing jobs that are near you, as shown in the image.

You can then search through the listed jobs and find one that suits you. If none is to your liking, Google allows you to turn on notifications so that as soon as a new job is posted you will get an alert.

Checking Other Search Engine Sites

There are other search engine sites that will also allow you to search for jobs that are near you. is one such site. As soon as you land on the Indeed’s homepage your location will appear.

All you have to do is to input your query and the jobs will pop up. Some other sites are,,,, and However, there are many other sites that you will find useful.

Company Websites

Maybe you have specific companies that have a branch in your location and you would like to get a job with one of them. The easiest way to find out if they have available job openings is to visit their website. There may be a chance that the job of your dreams is listed. Remember that most companies nowadays have a website with a career section. You can search through the career section by inputting your location to see what is available near you.

Niche Websites

Why not visit niche websites? There is a chance that you may find job openings in your area within your specific niche. There is also a possibility that you will find an opening that isn’t available on other websites. There are many niche websites, so do a research for companies near you. Here are a few to start with.
If you are fresh out of college and is looking a job near you, try out this website. Entry level opportunities are always listed and you don’t have to be searching through tons of openings. It also provides a survey on the best place to work, you might just find a place near you.
This is a great website that shows available positions by location. However, be very careful with this site because it is known as an unreliable source. However, there are persons who have obtained valuable positions through this site. Jobs are listed daily and you have to be quick because this website attracts a lot of job seekers.

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