Believe it or not, most jobs are never advertised so networking is a very effective way of getting information about these jobs. You might know someone who knows of a company that needs a position to be filled and just by networking you might be able to land that perfect job.

Try and connect with people who work in your area of expertise.

You can join online forums or visits job fairs and obtain contact numbers.

LinkedIn is also a very useful networking forum, join LinkedIn and connect with professionals, you may be surprised that most of them will know about jobs in your location and will be able to hook you up. Other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are also useful.

Additionally, try and network with employees from the company you want to work with. In this way, if a position becomes available, that employee can refer you to the Hiring Manager.

Make sure though, that you are connecting with the right people from your location because they are the ones that are most likely to know of nearby jobs.

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