There is negativity surrounding the whole aspect of visiting job fairs as some people believe that they are too stressful and crowded. Some even said that employers are just using job fairs as a means of promoting their company. But remember, not everyone has the same luck. There are positive sides to job fairs as well.

Don’t be shy, visit nearby job fairs because most employers are really looking for employees, and you can never tell, one of those employees could be you. Just be prepared, polish your resume and have a copy ready for delivery, and dress appropriately because the first impression lasts. You might even land an immediate interview.

After the job fair makes sure that you follow up. After a few days, call and find out the status of your application and make sure that your voice is enthusiastic when you are reminding them of who you are and about the conversation you had with them. Remind them also, that because you are located nearby, you are a suitable fit for the position.

So, do not let negative talks about job fairs deter you from attending any that are near you. After all, you never can tell the outcome.

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