Job seekers are determined now and ever to find the job of their dreams; a secure job with benefits and compensation so that at the end of their retirement they can look back and say it was worthwhile.

The challenge however, is that they are bombarded by many websites with job listings that do not completely satisfy their curiosities.

Believe it or not, some of these websites are scams and sometimes it’s very hard to tell the difference. Besides, they cannot get job seekers in the right job like they say they can.

What job seekers need to do therefore, is to use websites that are credible such as Job Source 1. that can help them to find their dream jobs.

How can Job Source 1 help?

Registration/Privacy Policy
First and foremost, you can create a free account with Our website has a privacy policy and only verified employers can view our listings. Unlike some websites that aggregate listings by searching job boards, our listing comes from direct employers who have registered on the website.

Likewise, our job seekers listing is from job seekers who have also registered for free on our website.

Career Focused Articles

Because we are a career website, we know what employers are looking for in new candidates. Therefore, we provide career-focused articles on our website to keep you inform on latest trends in the job market.

For every location where a job is available, we also provide content about that specific location so that you can have an insight of the area.

Resume Upload

Job Source 1 allows you to upload and save your resume. Whenever there is an opening that matches your credentials, all you need to do is retrieve your resume and edit it so that it is tailored to the position before submission.

Job Search Options

You can tailor your search to match specific criterions so as to enhance your searching experience.

Here are the options that are available.

Zip code
Salary Range
Type of Job
Job Title
Chosen Employer

The uniqueness of your search option is that it can be saved so that upon your return you can retrieve it and all current job listings that matches your criteria will be available.

Why choose Job Source 1?

Job Source 1 knows how hassling and time-consuming it is to be searching all over the internet for the job of your dreams. So, we have created this interactive website especially for you, where all your career needs can be completely satisfied in one place and you don’t have to look anywhere else.

The fact that our listings are always current, there is a 100% chance that the job of your dreams is waiting right here on Job Source 1.


We only have professional job seekers listed. After you have placed your job opening(s), the Job Source 1 database will search for those job seekers matching your requirements and will notify you. You will also have the option of viewing our jobseekers profile so that you can contact them for further discussions.


Both employer and job seeker will receive notification of best matches from time to time. This will limit the amount of time you will have to spend searching on your own.

Finally, is the #1 go to place in the United States (US) for finding your dream job. We are here to assist with the process, from uploading your resume to ensuring that it reaches the right employer.

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